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PCHEA (Pandhandle Christian Home Educators) Warriors exist to help Panhandle area families with a calling to home educate their children by providing competitive sports programs, enabling children to grow in Godly character and skills.  


Purpose:  PCHEA Warriors exist to provide homeschooled athletes with opportunities to participate in competitive sports of their choice while maintaining their family vision for homeschooling.

Teams: PCHEA Warriors teams will be comprised of all homeschool students with a common goal of physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional development.

Coaches: Coaches will be persons who emphasize Christ-like character and manner as well as have proven skills in the sport and a desire to build into young men and women's lives. 

Values: Athletes will be taught the value of Godly character development, Biblical values, self-respect, respect for authority, respect for peers, self-discipline, physical conditioning, and the development of athletic skills.

Competition: All sports will provide opportunities for participation in competitive sports. Teams will compete against private and public (where available) school teams as well as other homeschool organizations. Homeschooled athletes will have the opportunity to develop their God-given talents in preparation for collegiate-level participation. PCHEA Warrior teams will strive for a high standard of both sportsmanship and skill levels and maintain a reputation for excellence state and nationwide.

Financial Considerations: Fees will be charged for the sports programs we provide; however, our desire is that every homeschool athlete should have the opportunity to play and develop, regardless of family financial resources. In order to provide the best equipment, facilities, and opportunity for the advancement of our athletes, we will seek like-minded individuals, businesses, and foundations that will financially support the PCHEA Warriors’ vision.

At PCHEA Warriors, we’re all about having fun and embracing challenge. Our experienced coaches train our players to reach their highest potential, and to always have a great time, whether it’s at training or during competition. We’ve been around since 2000 and are still going strong. Become a part of the team and join us at our next competition.

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  1. God is our loving Father revealed to us by Jesus Christ his one and only son. 

  2. The Bible is the only inspired, authoritative, infallible, inerrant, and written word of God. Its very words are God-breathed. It is both necessary and sufficient to teach not only about our salvation but also about the conduct of our life.

  3. There is only one living and true God. He is an intelligent, spiritual, and personal Being, the Creator, Redeemer, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe. He is one Being who eternally exists in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, without division of His nature, essence, or being.

  4. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second Person of the Trinity. He is both fully God and fully man. By His perfect obedience and sacrifice of Himself on the cross, He has fully satisfied the justice of His Father and purchased not only reconciliation but an everlasting inheritance in heaven for all. He was visibly and bodily resurrected from the dead.

  5. All people are born in sin due to the effects of Adam’s rebellion. They are forgiven of their sins by the Lord Jesus alone for their salvation. Salvation is by God’s grace alone. Believers are enabled by the Holy Spirit to obey God’s commandments.

NOTE: All Board Members and Coaches are required to sign this statement indicating their agreement with it. Although players are not required to sign the statement, we want all families to know that this is an important aspect of PCHEA Warriors. All parents and children participating are required to read the above statement of faith and sign the application form indicating they have read the statement. Agreement is not a requirement to join PCHEA Warriors.

A summary of PCHEA Warriors team goals -- listed in order of importance:

1. Christ-like Character

2. Winning Attitude

3. Player Development

4. Player Participation

5. Athletic Scholarships

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PCHEA is a vibrant, growing homeschool community in the Texas Panhandle that gathers for homeschool support, resources, social events, information, and referral. 

If you have any questions about PCHEA or home schooling, check out the PCHEA website at  PCHEA Warriors must be PCHEA members to participate.

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