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PCHEA Warriors Eligibility Requirements

Note: PCHEA Warriors is an athletic program designed for PCHEA homeschoolers. 

1.  A player must be a member of PCHEA.

2.  A player shall become ineligible to play on any PCHEA Warriors‐sponsored sport on the  next September 1st following that player’s 19th birthday (anyone age 19 or older on September 1 of the current school year.)

3.  Age requirements are set per each sport's guidelines.

4.  A player must be living at home with a parent or guardian. 

5.  A player must be homeschooled.  “Homeschooling” is defined to mean that a  student’s education is parent‐directed:  the parents define the course materials,  curricula, schedules, and other requirements for the student with the intent for the student to graduate high school.  As such, parents can choose many options for completion of their established educational requirements for their students including selecting co‐op classes, dual‐credit college classes, tutors, correspondence courses,  videos, online courses, and similar resources for their student’s education. PCHEA Warriors encourages the player’s education requirements to meet or exceed local and state regulations for academics and, if the player wishes to participate in collegiate athletics, to meet all NCAA educational requirements during High School. 

6. A player is ineligible if that player has gone through a homeschool, public school, private school, or Christian school high school graduation ceremony prior to that  season’s first game.

7.  A player may be deemed ineligible if that player enrolls or is enrolled at any time in more than 9 hours of dual credit college courses during any semester term.  A  course that is classified as dual credit allows a student to earn both high school credit and college credit at the same time. 

8.  A player cannot play on another homeschool, public, private, or Christian school team in the same sport at the same time as playing on a PCHEA Warriors‐sponsored team. 

9.  If a player started the season on another homeschool, public, private, or Christian school team, no transfer shall be allowed during the season without the approval of the PCHEA Warriors board.   

10.  Exceptions to any eligibility requirement may be made only by express approval of the PCHEA Warriors Board. 

11.  Players must be in academic good standing at all times during the sports season to participate on a PCHEA Warriors team. 

12.  Players must be in adequate physical condition to participate in any PCHEA Warriors team.  A yearly physical examination signed by a physician is required. (See Athlete Handbook.) In addition, please see the Athlete Handbook for more details. By submitting an Athlete Application, you are certifying that you meet all of the eligibility requirements to be a PCHEA Warriors athlete and will immediately notify your coach if you become ineligible for any reason.

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